Do You Know What India, Bharat & Hindustan Mean?

Do You Know What India, Bharat & Hindustan Mean?
Do You Know What India, Bharat & Hindustan Mean?

Do You Know What India, Bharat & Hindustan Mean?

Regarding the history of ancient India and the naming of India, there is no consensus of ancient Indian historian, thinker, scholar. Some thinkers believe that according to Ved Vyasa, the author of the Mahabharata, India was named ‘Bharat ka Desh’ after King Bharata, son of Maharaja Dushyanta, which means ‘Bharatavarsha’, according to him “Bharata was a Chakravarti king” who traveled to all four directions. Launched the vast empire by conquering the land of. After which India got the name ‘Bharatvarsha’ after him.

According to the tradition of the Jains and Bhagavats regarding naming, the name of Lord Rishabhdev’s son was Bharata, who was a great yogi and virtuous, after whom India was named ‘Bharatavarsha’. Such facts regarding naming do not seem logical, because the names of cities are named after a person and not from a big country. The names of big countries are named after the castes residing there.

That is why maybe the name of our country can be considered as ‘Bharatvarsha’ in the name of ‘Bharata caste’ of Vedic Aryans, because this caste was very powerful politically at that time, so it may be that the name of the entire nation affected by this caste can be called Bharatvarsha. Has been kept One line of Vayu Purana also proves this fact-
“The country north of the seashore and south of the Himalayas is called India, because the Indian family lives here.”

Name of India Hindustan and India

It is not that India was named only by the Indian people, but the invaders who came to attack India also named India.

India was named by Hindustan Irani people. These people used to call ‘S’ as ‘H’, which is why they called the people living around the Indus river as Hindus and named this land as ‘Hindustan’. This name was mostly used by Muslim nations.

Apart from this, the Greeks gave India the name ‘India’. He used to call Indus as the Indus river. With this, the region was named India and the people residing here were called Indians.


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